The purpose of Wishbox.Love is to provide a space where you can bring something beautiful and unique to your friends and family.

When you create a virtual Wishbox for someone, it shows them you care. Whether your recipient is getting married, welcoming a child, grieving a loss, or simply in need of a dose of inspiration, there is never a bad time to send someone a Wishbox.

It’s 100% free, private, and secure. Simply provide some basic information about the recipient and the reason you’re creating this Wishbox for them. Then, you will invite friends and family to contribute their wishes. You’ll have a chance to review all of the wishes before the recipient receives them.

No one but you will be asked to register. Your recipient, and anyone you invite to participate, will receive a secure link directly to your Wishbox. No further action is required from them in order to gain access.

So create your very own Wishbox now, and start spreading the love, with Wishbox.Love!

Wishbox.Love — Send a box of wishes to someone you love.